Monday, July 19, 2010

What I did on the first half of my summer vacation

The following items have happened, thus making this summer nutso.

I got diverticulitis again. This requires 2 antibiotics at once and is incredibly draining. Why quilt when you can sleep? It seriously is as draining as mono. I was advised to take 2 to 3 days off of work. I took 5 hours. I’m stupid. I know.

My sister held a graduation party for a student and we combined Father’s Day with it. While my sister provided the house for the party, 2 other teachers did the food. They so complained about my sister’s tiny, cramped kitchen, they forced our entire family (Dad, Kim, Erick, Jack, me, Ted and Renee) all on the front porch to hide.

My sister had a birthday, I sent an Edible Arrangement and she thoroughly enjoyed it. The next day, she flash-flooded, as did everyone on her block. I was stressed by proxy.

My uncle died. This was a very sad event and it required us to travel and stay overnight and manage many rituals and traditions. This hit many of us very hard, although my uncle was sick and this was not too big of a surprise.

Renee went off to sleep-away camp for a week. I did finish 2 blue quilt tops, each about 50 inches square. To say I’m behind in baby quilt gift giving is an understatement. But getting the quilt tops done is a start. Ted and I also went out for Indian food and to the local microbrewery, all decidedly non-Renee-friendly places.

My dad turned 75, complete with a party, relatives flying in, additional family events, etc. The weirdest moment is when someone asked where my mother was. She’s been dead for 18 years.

We took tons of pictures, had lots of laughs and tears and introduced my aunt and cousin to many great nieces that she has never met.

Lastly, there were bacon pancakes.

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