Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Over the past week, there has been some reckoning. I mean a lot of reckoning. Serious deep thoughts. Actually more like serious deep pain which led to some straightforward thoughts.

Last week, I was once again diagnosed with diverticulitis. This is the second time in a year; the last time was last May and it was when my CSA started up for the year with Farmer Henry (read all about Henry at www.henrysfarm.com). It seems that when I add good, wholesome food back into my diet en masse, my body revolts. So while I take 2 antibiotics at once and suffer from exhaustion and lethargy (yes, I should be home – no, I’m not going to), not to mention pain, I decided to go back to Weight Watchers.

We have a WW at work program and I asked someone to come and take me and he did. I wrote out my huge check and I’m off. The program remains the same in some aspects but more realistic in other aspects. For example, my first goal is only 5%, which I’m here to tell you is no small goal at all for me. I have paid for 12 weeks, so I’m in for quite a while. Here’s hoping that I can commit to it; I know it works when I do it.

Needless to say, all of my best laid plans of action are just toast. I can’t get anything done. So I’ve reset my vision. My tasks for this week are items that do not require physical exertion and/or a lot of time. I can’t do much. I’m deciding to follow my body’s very strong message that I need to change things and get some serious rest. I have to remind myself that one thing at a time will still help me get a lot done.

One thing I’ve been trying to work on is some ‘homeschooling’ plans. No, I’m not getting on the homeschooling bandwagon; my child does just fine in the regular school environment. But there are 3 areas that need some attention. She needs to work on math; lazy is the word that has been used by me and her teacher to describe her knowledge. Christian Formation (religion) is a class that I had from 11:30-12 each day; she does to a public school. So I need to work on that. And no, Sunday School is not an option. At our old church, her Sunday School was Montessori-style and wonderful. Our current church has Sunday School as a more conventional class and that does not fly with her. I can’t blame her either. The last area, and probably the most fun, is her scouting work. She loves scouts and I can use her desire to work on a badge as an incentive to work on the other two.

For the math requirement, I did order the third grade skills book from school, much to her dismay. So I’ve been hemming and hawing about setting up a calendar to get this started. So last night I decided to open up the workbook to take a look, and lo and behold, they already had a calendar. Fantastic! A crisis solved! For scouting, I did go through and pick out 15 badges that seem do-able here in the summer and fall. She needs to complete 6 items for each badge, so there’s plenty of variety. Religion is the last thing. I have a plan that encompasses a year and so I need to see if that will fit. This remains the open item. So overall, I hope to get started next week. When maybe I’ll have energy.

And one day, I will quilt again.

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