Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Relay for Life

I know, I know. I haven’t updated for an age, as Treebeard would say. I know, I know.

I’m on spring break right now. When you’re my age, spring break means 2 weeks to do homework instead of one and also cleaning up and making sense of all those little piles all over the house. Not real glamorous!

I’m on Relay for Life again this year. I have a co-worker within my department who is fighting the cancer battle and she’s actually the team captain (she has more energy with cancer than I do without – sad, but true). Our RFL is huge around here and so we are having a craft fair on April 18. I’ve decided to throw all caution to the wind and clean out some really old UFOs.

At the beginning of the last decade, the 00s, I hosted a lot of log cabin round robins (LCRRs). Each block had 17 logs. Each person started her block with 3 logs, and everyone added 3 logs and the last person added the last two, very long logs. And the blocks would come home, 20 per set. I did a jillion sets, and many of them I used for gifts. Many more were sets I never fell in love with, or by now, I’ve fallen out of love with.

So I spent this past Friday night tearing apart my stash, looking for block sets and backs. I found 10 items that I could finish up for the sale:

1. Chiclets quilt
2. baby boy LCRR
3. baby girl LCRR
4. m&m’s LCRR
5. Easter egg LCRR
6. courthouse steps LCRR
7. peach LCRR
8. peach LCRR (yes there are two)
9. fence rail blocks
10. the one on the living room floor

All of these have their blocks complete. The time consuming piece is done. I plan to do as much quilt as you go on all of these and get these out of my house. If I do, I will have busted something like 75 yards from stash and hopefully they will all sell at Relay for Life.

And they won’t be hanging over my head any more, making me nuts.

And then I can return to my UFO list over there on the right.

So the goal is to get all 10 quilts to the hand stitching stage by April 1. At that point, I will determine if I will machine stitch those bindings down or if I will hand stitch them and kill a lot of tivo. Meanwhile, #1 has its binding already on, #4 has been QAYG started, as has #10 (Why it’s on the living room floor).

Stay tuned.

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