Friday, March 19, 2010


Well, it’s been nearly 2 weeks and I still haven’t sewn. I spent spring break being sick! Not very fun, but if I had to be sick, that was the week to do it.

Tomorrow is National Quilting Day. I’ve cleared off my calendar. I’m quilting as much as I can this weekend – caution to the wind! Sadly, I will need to spend 4 hours driving to and from my dealer to get Ruby out of the shop, but since she is a sewing machine, it’s part of the theme.

Here’s my list:

1. Chiclets quilt
2. baby boy LCRR
3. baby girl LCRR
4. m&m’s LCRR
5. Easter egg LCRR
6. courthouse steps LCRR
7. peach LCRR
8. peach LCRR (yes there are two)
9. fence rail blocks
10. the one on the living room floor

Only one is to the hand binding stage (#1). I had hoped to get more done, but it did not happen. So this weekend’s goal is to get 3 to the hand binding stage. I plan to work on #10 and #4 for sure, as they are started and so they would be easiest to finish. #5 was the other one I was thinking of doing.

If I achieve this, then 4 will be ready to hand bind. Off I go!

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