Monday, January 12, 2009


I’ve gotten devious. Or smart, depending on how you look at it. I realize that I pretty much stay here at work for lunch and bring something to heat up. I only have a half-hour to eat, but once you show me anyone in this building who enforces that rule, we’ll talk. But when I go downstairs to eat, it’s usually more like 15 minutes – eat and run. They do have a TV and put on CNN, which is nice.

So I’ve decided to start bring in my GFG to work on. I will sew 5 hexs per day. Since each of my flowers are triple bloom with a full white border, that means it will take me 12 business days to complete the hex sewing of a flower. Then I’ll go ahead and start flower construction. This is about 15 minutes of sewing time per day, guaranteed.

I’d love to get one flower done per calendar month. I would just ROCK if I did that. But fat chance, that is not happening. I’d be pleased with 6 flowers this year. I have another 6 or 7 done at home. I plan on connecting using green diamonds, so my other goal this year is to have a single bloom flower of the flowers I’ve done. That should take up the rest of the time.

Tonight starts class. I’ve heard that this prof is incredibly dull, treats you like you were stupid and spends 3 evenings teaching us how to get on to the internet. I hope he knows that Vint Cerf invented the internet (he did – go google it right now). I worked at MCI when Vint did, so I know my knowledge is correct. So here’s hoping that tonight’s class is short because we are just introducing ourselves and going through the syllabus.

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