Sunday, January 11, 2009

The End of Freedom

Tomorrow, I go back to class for 18 weeks and then it's right into another 6 weeks doing double time. I'm essentially in school until the 4th of July. That's a long stretch in life, it seems.

So today I worked my tail off to get my fab 5 set up for the term. The Christmas BRB is still in a pile on my bedroom floor. That one will wait to be sandwiched until I have more spray baste. Watermelon Slice is sandwiched and ready to go, except I have no idea on how to quilt it or any appropriate thread. I sandwiched Patches & Pinwheels with the last of the spray baste (and pinned as well) this evening. There's a pucker ot two in the back; I just don't care. It's mean for my DD to enjoy while watching TV and playing in our basement family room. The Chiclets #1 quilt was easily basted without issue this afternoon and it's ready to go.

I do have ideas on how to quilt both the BRB and the P&P, so at least I can get started on the P&P. I need some thoughts/inspiration for the Chiclets quilt and for Watermelon Slice. For WS, I need to read what people are doing on A Pocketful of Mysteries; maybe that will insprire me.

As far as the flannel quilt goes, I took it out and assessed it. Realized that I could just plod on. Worked on it for an hour the other day. Tried to work on it again today and sewed it very very wrong. Threw it out. As I was pitching it, DH saw and asked. When I explained, he helped me. I've only thrown away 2 projects ever and both times it was so liberating. This was time #2.

So my fab 5 is now a fab 4.

Once I got all of that dne, I took out a baggie and started making some crumb blocks from the contents. I ahve had a hankering to make crumb blocks for a while and once my fab 5 were ready for teh school term, I got right to it.

New goals:

1 hour of some sort of sewing a night.

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