Sunday, February 15, 2015

Quilting with Tile

It has been a comedy of errors.  If we don't laugh, we'll cry.

On Saturday Feb 7, as Renee and I were being handed our breakfast in the McD's drive-thru, ice came off the roof and hit my back window.

And then window popped.

What was that?

Seriously the whole window crackled and popped.

Then the very next day our range shorted out (yes, we have an electric range) and it died.

The car is fixed and I need to call back their insurance company.  A new range was ordered online (Really, you don't need to see it to buy it - it's a range.  Either it cooks or it doesn't.  When I bought the house I didn't get a say in the range it came with.) and we scheduled out the delivery date to tomorrow, February 16.  Somehow Renee is not excited that a range is arriving for her 14th birthday on her day off.

But you all know where this is going.  I have no backsplash and the walls are trashed from cooking.  So I said that if the range is out, then we should just put in the backsplash.  And paint.  And paint the powder room.  So the proverbial $400 repair turns into a $5000 upgrade.  It's really not that bad - about $1500 when all is said and done.

As I write this, I am clearing the living room floor for a path so the range can be installed and we are almost done grouting.  It will need to cure for a week before I can seal but it looks amazing.  The bathroom is primed.

But there has been no quilting.  The Loopy Ewe did contact me about my bolt of Kona Snow and it's winging its way to me.  I have been knitting my Loopy Academy stripes assignment so that has been something....

Off to clean.

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