Sunday, August 18, 2013

A month? This time it's like 6 weeks!

Or, as it could have been alternatively titled, Where is my mojo?  Oh mojo, where art thou?

I just cannot it in a groove.  There's a great line in the fine Disney movie The Emperor's New Groove: Beware the groove!

I should've been wary of the groove.

I'm not sure how to get back into it.  Well, I know how but no energy.

OK so I need to have a plan.  I have to go to the LQS on Friday afternoon because I have missed one BOM and I need to hit the other one.  I need to sew those blocks up between now and when I go to bed on Thursday night.

So here's the plan:  Sew both sets of BOM blocks by Thursday night.  Finish BRB top that is in pieces on the floor.  Switch out machines.  Perkiomen Dreams prep.

Non-quilty goals:  Get spare room ready for new shelf.  Put away camp.  R's bathroom (don't ask).

Dad goals: Car insurance.  His paperwork.  His banking.

It's a slower GS week so hopefully I can get a lot done.

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