Thursday, December 30, 2010


Hi! It’s the penultimate day of the year! (I don’t get to use penultimate very often, so let me revel in it a bit.)

Last night was another successfully quilting night. Not so much on other fronts. (Oh well.)

I did finish Clue 3 of the Hugs and Kisses mystery and I made 5 more string blocks for step 3 of RRCB. Slowly but surely I am trudging through.

Tonight I hope to get through Clue 4, which is only 22 flying geese. I’m calling them flying doves, because I am reversing the color schemes, which means that the goose part of the unit is white and the sky is scrappy. That’s how I roll.

My other goal for today is to grocery shop. I’m pretty firmly committed to not going out at all on Friday if possible. I’m pretty certain I don’t want to be the driver, that is for sure.

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