Thursday, November 25, 2010


First of all, Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm home alone, since yesterday at noon. My family went to KS without me, as I've been recovering from a fever. They will be home Saturday night. They will unload, put the right people in the right cars for the next leg of the journey and me, Ted and Renee will head north to Brookfield on Saturday night. We have Bears tickets for Sunday.

But even more annoying is that my sister became violently ill overnight and basically Thanksgiving was canceled at her house. I suggested that we have something on Sunday before the game (now since it's a 3.15 game); maybe that will work.

So what have I been doing while I've been home? Some resting, some cleaning, some cooking and some quilting.

I completed:

BOM blocks, months 3 and 4
Roll Roll Cotton Boll step 1
Hemming of a lot of sweatpants!

And that's just what I've done today. I hope to get some more stuff done Friday and Saturday. My only requirement is that I complete a research paper for class that is currently in draft form.

Oh, and as a point of clarification, my BOM is not just one block, it's 7 blocks - 4 in the dark colorway and 3 in the light colorway and then all 7 of those need to be sashed so the points float. It's involved.

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