Friday, April 06, 2007

Welcome to Normal

Yes, we've moved. From Brookfield, IL to Normal, IL. It's rather amusing to say "it's more normal down here." It actually is. Traffic is so much lighter, daycare is half the price and the pace is much slower than Chicagoland. I'm glad to be here.

On a quilty note, I have located my machine and my spare machine that I'm using to wind bobbins. The sewing area (sewing table, cutting table, ironing board) is set up, but there are still boxes everywhere. These things take time. My goal for the weekend is to get it all set up so that I can actually sew.

The only sewing I want to do is to cut and size up a canvas for a cross stitch project. Then I can stitch while I watch TV. Maybe I'll do 2 canvasses - one for my aunt's home in AZ and another for my DD's godparents. We shall see.

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